Welcome To uk.charts.co.uk

We've made quite a few changes to the site, some of them immediately obvious, some not so.

  • We changed our ISP (internet services provider) and took this opportunity to use a shorter URL. We are now using the address www.uk-charts.co.uk instead of www.uk-charts.top-source.info

  • At the same time, we improved the look of the site and made it much easier to navigate your way round it. It is now fully responsive so the ever increasing number of users who access the site with a smart phone will have a much better user experience.

  • Additional factoids have been added.

  • The Born This Day feature has been added.

  • A new category About Us gives information such as how we establish chart positions and how to listen to a sample of a track, for those tracks which have this feature enabled.

  • The Christmas Number Ones page has been transferred to a new category - Other Charts & Lists. This section also has a page which is updated every week, showing new releases.

  • Coming Soon

  • We have been working hard filling in some gaps in our database for some of the earlier years. Once this is finished, the chart tables, which are currently hard coded, will be converted to database driven tables. This will not only streamline maintenance of the site, but will permit some exciting new developments.

  • Every Number One.